Tre Twitty

The true legends are few and far between. Every style of music has a handful of the real thing and truck load of pretenders. Some legends straddle categories and are even accepted and revered by fans and peers from all genres. Hank Williams Sr, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Waylon Jennings and Conway Twitty all quickly come to mind. Ah yes Conway Twitty. Often known as the best friend a song ever had, Conway began his career in 1958 with the world wide pop/rock classic “It’s Only Make Believe”. Within a few years was he was solidly in the country camp representing a new hybrid of “country soul”. Right up until his untimely death in 1993, Conway was loved and respected by all as the “real thing”. And there is no greater advocate for the life and legacy of Conway than his grandson Tre Twitty.

Tre Twitty hails from Mississippi possessed with the same love of all things musical just like his beloved granddad. Growing up on a steady household diet of Conway, Elvis, Tom Jones and early 80’s pop, Tre then branched out embracing rock of the day like Guns and Roses, Kiss, Motley Crue and Kiss. This was augmented on the country side by Hank Jr and original “outlaws” Waylon and Willie. Mix this with 1st generation southern rockers like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers and you’ve got a kid that’s got his bases well covered.

When Tre was just 16, Conway tragically passed. Tre has this to say about his grandfather:

‘‘I feel like my grandfather is one of the greatest singers who ever lived. Regardless of genre. His vocal control and dynamics are unmatched. His career is like no other in country music in terms of scope and influence. His early rock n roll work influenced everyone from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones to Motörhead. And his country influence is obvious. His connection to an audience was subtle and honest. He needed nothing other than a microphone and a smile to captivate a crowd’’.

After completing high school Tre joined the Air Force as a way to get out and see the the world and experience life on his own terms. And see the world he did, handling assignments in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as all over the US. But music was never far from his mind. Upon completion of his military service he returned to civilian life to find that his own father, Michael Twitty, had created a tribute show entitled “Memories of Conway”. Asked to get up and do a song one night in front of a capacity crowd, Tre responded with “why not?” and proceeded

to bring the house down with a green but passionate version of the Conway classic “Tight Fittin’ Jeans”. The light bulb went on and an entertainer was born. Tre then joined his father in that tribute show playing to sold out rooms all over North America, with an especially large following in Canada. Then yet another unexpected twist in the story occurs. At a concert that the “queen of country music” Loretta Lynn was putting on entitled “Remembering Conway”, Tre met for the first time Tayla Lynn, the granddaughter of Loretta. Now, few duo’s in any genre of music are as beloved as Conway and Loretta. Always were and likely always will be. With this thought in mind, Tre and Tayla thought that the fans of their legendary grandparents might get a kick out of seeing the grandkids up on stage having a great time singing all the classic hits, solo and duo. A few shows were booked and just as expected, the chemistry was there and the crowds were right there with them all the way.

Tre never tires of these songs because first and foremost he’s a fan of great music. And with this catalog of tunes to pick from there is never a shortage of smiles all around at the end of every show. And ultimately THAT is what it’s all about.