On behalf of RLC and ITA, we send our profound apologies in  respect to our upcoming shows with The Game. Please see below…

For Immediate Release : 



Due to circumstances beyond the artist, management, agency, and promoters’ control, we regret to announce that ” The Game Canadian Tour 2019 “ is canceled due to the Canadian Government denying the artist’s TRP application to enter legally into our country. In regards to any false press you may see surfacing to be clear artist the GAME and management  “DID NOT CANCEL” the Canadian tour. He was very excited to come to Canada and looking forward to seeing his Canadian fans after so long.

The required TRP application process to request entry for any artist with a past history of criminality was filed properly, legally and as the Canadian government requires, including all applicable costs to do so. The artist, management, agent, promoters and lawyers, working together submitted the strongest application, putting in hundreds of hours, obtaining documents needed for the paperwork required by the Canadian Government, with supporting letters from fans across the country, supporting Canadian business letters, character letters and all required documents requested in proof of the artist’s rehabilitation needed and required to enter into our country legally.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government does not allow for a pre-approval process, meaning that a tour must be visibly on sale to prove it is a legitimate tour and legitimate reason to request entry into Canada. Only after these steps are taken can the artist apply for and receive an approval or denial from the government.

Promoters, in all cities, made non-refundable financial investments to file the appropriate applications, working hand-in-hand with the artist, immigration lawyer, agency and management to bring The Game to Canada for all the fans. Despite our best efforts, strong application and supporting letters, the Canadian government still chose to deny the application

It is with great sadness and frustration that the Canadian government could not see the overwhelming desire and benefit, and no risk to Canadians to let artist the Game do this tour and to fulfill such a wanted need from the businesses, the promoters, and the fans it would have benefited in such a positive way.

To date, our agency has had a 100% success rate in obtaining TRP application approvals for entry into Canada for artists with criminality. Please know that every effort was made, by all involved,  to obtain a successful application. We, along with management and promoters are as disappointed as the fans and would like you to

know that the decision was out of our control. The final decision and outcome were made by the Canadian government. The Game would also like to express his disappointment as he was excited to see and perform for his Canadian fans.

All tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase in each city.  We ask that ticket holders please bear with us and allow at least 24 hours following this announcement for promoters to organize refund procedures with their applicable ticketing companies.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding. We, like you, are disappointed but appreciate the amount of work and effort that went into this tour from all involved.

Valerie Schneider
International Touring Agency
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